About Wordeous


Wordeous is a card game in which you try to explain the “Wordeous Word” to your audience without saying the banned words. Wordeous uses Twitch Chat integration which allows you to receive your audience’s answers simultaneously. After you login to your account, you are all set to start a new game with many different categories and hundreds of words!

The scoreboard system allows you to see your most successful viewer of the last game or all games. You and your viewers gather points according to both your and your viewers performance.

Wordeous allows you to have a highly interactive and fun time with your audience.


I am not a streamer can I play Wordeous?


Of course you can! Wordeous uses Twitch Chat at the moment. You don’t need to be a streamer (broadcaster) to use Twitch chat! You only need a Twitch account to play Wordeous. After you login to your Twitch account, when you click on your avatar you will see channel button. In the channel page, there is a chat UI. You only need to write down this channel’s name to Wordeous when creating a game. After the game starts, send your Twitch channel’s link to your friends so your friends can type in their answers to that channel’s chat. Wordeous will have log those answers for your match.

Wordeous will have a team mode in the near future. In the team mode you will be available to play with your friends without Twitch Chat, and you will have opportunity to play against your friends. The team mode is now being tested, and not available at the moment, however, when it is ready it will be included with the base game.



Substantia Cana is our first game which is an indie game that takes place in a stylized and abstract environment. The gameplay is based mostly on puzzle and platform elements. The game also has a unique story-telling style.

Substantia Cana will be available on Steam at the end of 2020

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Alex wakes up midnight but he can’t recognize himself nor the place. He does not know if he is awake or not. Help him find himself and his memories.

About Us

Equitatus Studio is a very young, indie game development studio
founded by T. Oğulcan ÖZARSLAN.

Our first game, Wordeous is released on Steam on Dec 2020, and Substantia Cana, will be released
in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

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